domingo, 29 de septiembre de 2013

Dreaming & Thinking

I wanted to start this site with my first mixtape (Dreaming & Thinking) , that shows all the hardworking and dedication I have to the music. 
Dreaming & Thinking is out for FREE, you can download it clicking on the next link: DREAMING & THINKING FREE DOWNLOAD LINK 
You can also listen to it and download it on the next links as well: Dreaming & Thinking on Soundcloud , D&T in DatPiff , D&T in HHdirecto 
It is curious when you start a project that all you have are IDEAS and DREAMS. That's why I wanted to call my mixtape Dreaming & Thinking. I've been working many months in each and every one of the details, what would be the name, who would work together, the number of songs, as they should be all and each one of them, which influences and references was going to use... and the truth is that I am very satisfied with the work accomplished, and is that, although it has not come to 100% as planned it originally in my headI'm very happy, because he has left even better. Check this out, you won't regret it ;) D&T Enjoy - The Jay

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